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Stockton Products™ Specifications

The Stockton Products specifications below are complete Construction Specification Institute’s (CSI) Three-Part and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) architectural specs that can easily be downloaded, customized for your residential or commercial project, and included in your master spec for future use.

Specifications written and hosted by ARCAT

AA: ArchAid®
BNAA: Bullnose ArchAid®
BNE: Bullnose E
BNII: Bullnose II
BNR: Bullnose
BNS: Bullnose Stop
BNSF: Bullnose Short Flange
CA: CornerAid®
CRT: 2 x 2 Cornerite
DAB: Drywall Archbead
DCB: Drywall Cornerbead
GRS: 4" Roll Stripping
LF: Long Flange
OC: One-Coat
OCSF: One-Coat Short Flange
OCSF34: 3/4 One-Coat Short Flange
PNAB: Plastic Nose Archbead
PNCB: Plastic Nose Cornerbead
PNDS: Plastic Nose Depth Screed
PNLF: Plastic Nose Long-Flange
PNPOA: Plastic Nose PopOutAid™ NEW
PNSA: Plastic Nose StockAid®
PNSF: Plastic Nose Short Flange NEW
PNWA: Plastic Nose WeepAid®
POA: PopOutAid™ NEW
SA: StockAid®
SF: Short Flange
WA: WeepAid®

AWF: Attic Wing Fascia (J-2)
BNB: Bullnose Bead
BSS: Blind Stop
C-G: Chamfer Groove
CDB: Casing Drip Bead
CPB: Casing Plaster Bead
CSB: Casing Starter Bead
CSJ: Corner Slip Joint - 2 pc.
CTM: Corner Transition Mold
DHF: Drip Head Flashing (#6)
DKD: Deck Diato
DTE: Drywall Termination Edge
DTR: Drywall Termination Reveal
DVG: Double V Groove
DVZCJ: #15 Double V Zinc Expanded Flange Cont NEW
DWR: Drywall Reveal
DWT: Drywall Wall Trim
ECS: Expansion Channel Screed (#40) - 2 pc.
EVS: Expansion Vent Screed - 2 pc.
EWC: Expansion Water-Resistant Channel - 2
EWR: Expansion Water-Resistant Reveal - 2 p
FDM: F-Drip Mold
FDR: F Drywall Reveal
FEV: Flush Edge Vent
FLT: Flexible Trak
FRM: F Reveal Mold
FSM: Fascia Soffit Mold
FTM: Fascia Transition Mold
FVM: F Vent Mold
FWC: F Water-Resistant Channel
ICR: Inside Corner Reveal
ICT: Inside Corner Trim
J-B: J Bead
JCB: J Caulking Bead
M-S: M Screed
MSX: M-Slide™ Expansion Joint - 2 pc.
NFD: #5 Drip
NTD: #2 Drip
NVS: Narrow "V" Screed
OEC: Offset Expansion Channel Screed
OES: Offset Expansion Screed - 2 pc.
OPC: Offset Plaster Channel Screed
OVS: Offset Vent/Reveal Screed
OWC: Offset Water-Resistant Expansion Chann
OWS: Offset Weep Screed
PBS: Pointed Base Screed
PCS: Plaster Channel Screed
PSV: Plywood Style Vent
PWC: Plaster Water-Resistant Channel
SBS: BugStop® Soffit Vent
SDC: Soffit Drip Corner (#12)
SES: EmberStop® Soffit Vent
SEV: Soffit Eave Vent
SFC: Short Flange Casing
SFS: Single Flange Screed
SPS: Single Point Screed
SSF: Stucco Screed Flashing (#3)
SSM: Step Separation Mold
SST: Stucco Stop (#36)
STM: Soffit Transition Mold
SVR: Soffit Vent/Reveal Screed
TPC: Two Piece Expansion Corner
TRC: Tru-Corner® NEW
TRM: T-Reveal Mold
TSF: Transition Step Flashing
TWM: T Water-Resistant Molding
VHC: Vented Hat Channel
W-S: Weep Screed (#7)
WTP: Window Termination Point
WVS: Wide V Screed
XLF: XL Foundation Screed
Z-T: Z-Trim
ZEFCB: #66 Zinc Expanded Flange Casing Bead NEW

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